Reinstatement Guide Following a Successful Appeal

Reinstatement Guide Following a Successful Appeal

Talks with Royal Mail regarding the policy and practice on reinstatement following successful appeal have now concluded and a revised Policy Statement is attached.

Vetting requirements due to the terms of Royal Mail’s integrity guidelines under the USO license have delayed return to work by up to 6 weeks. The revised Policy clarifies what will occur when vetting is being performed, however in normal circumstances this will not prevent return to work.

Following reinstatement, Royal Mail has been deducting earnings from any work undertaken for another employer during the period of dismissal from back pay. Under the revised policy this practice will cease.

Employees will be put back on pay at the next available pay cycle and the calculation of back pay will be conducted within two weeks of returning to work.

Benefits from unemployment or Job Seekers Allowance will have to be repaid to the DWP. Benefits not associated with the dismissal, such as disability living allowance or caring allowance will not have to be repaid.

A process of support and rehabilitation has been put in place. The Policy stipulates a return to the role previously held unless there is an associated penalty from the appeal. If the role no longer exists due to a revision, then the MTSF process will apply.

Royal Mail’s policy on non-payment of lost earnings from scheduled attendance or regular overtime during the period of dismissal is unchanged. The Union has advised Royal Mail that we have reserved our right to pursue this separately and legal advice is being taken in this regard.

All enquiries regarding the content of this LTB should be addressed to the PTCS Department, quoting reference 041. Email address:


Ray Ellis

Assistant Secretary


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