Our boss at Royal Mail doesn’t deserve minimum wage – let alone £8.5million

Postal union chiefs are being taken to the High Court on Tuesday in a bid to stop a pre Christmas strike. CWU General Secretary Dave Ward stands firm and says it’s time we looked at the bosses of Royal Mail

If performance related pay was attached to the role of Royal Mail CEO, then I’m not sure Rico Back would deserve the minimum wage, let alone a £8.5m package made up of an outrageous £5.8m golden hello in 2017 and an astonishing £2.7m in maximum annual pay, shares, bonuses, pension and benefits.

You may have heard that Royal Mail are taking the CWU to the High Court to challenge the result of our recent Industrial Action Ballot next Tuesday.


The CWU will defend this action. The ballot result, one of the biggest in Trade Union history, was on the back of an outstanding campaign which we are rightly proud of as a union.

The legal challenge by Royal Mail is not about, as they claim, defending the democracy of the country.

The CWU are desperate for a general election because we know our members and the country need real change.

In my opinion Royal Mail’s action is selfishly about being able to press on regardless with plans to set up a completely new parcels business and let thousands upon thousands of decent jobs wither on the vine.

Rather than accept that 97.1% of workers voting for strike action, on an incredible 76% turnout, must be listened to, Royal Mail have desperately rushed to the courts.

Let me be absolutely clear to the Royal Mail Board: Your actions will not resolve the dispute – you have simply made the workforce angrier and the CWU and our members will not be moved.

Surely, it’s time for the media in the UK to ask more questions about Rico Back and hold him accountable.

How can someone paid such a sum of money not show up for negotiations with us about this dispute?  How can UK postal services be handed to someone who is commuting from Switzerland?

Rico Back and his Board represents everything that is wrong with today’s business leaders. Paid to break up companies rather than grow them.

Rewarded for filling shareholders pockets rather than delivering a public service. Ignoring the collective voice of their own employees, rather than embracing them as their greatest asset.

We have a vision of a very different Royal Mail. One offering new services, putting our members back in the heart of every community and restoring its once proud brand.

Our members know what is at risk.

They see the gig economy model, minimum wage and insecure employment that is rife in the postal industry. We will not stand by and let this happen to us.

The solidarity from the public and trade union movement towards our members has been unbelievable and we cannot thank everyone enough. You can back our campaign by joining the CWU Supporters Network.

We are ready to fight back. Our members have been incredible and their resilience and inspirational strength will see us deliver an agreement they can be proud of – however long it takes.

Things are about to step up a level in the coming week. A simple good luck to your postal worker will give them confidence.

I’ll finish by putting one simple question to you: who do you trust? Your local postal worker or the £8.5m missing man?