July 2020 Joint Statement

You will be aware via different communication strands of the business and the CWU, that we have agreed a Joint Statement which represents the most significant and positive first step…


We are pleased to announce that at its meeting yesterday today, the Postal Executive unanimously endorsed the negotiators’ agreement reached with the Royal Mail Group on Friday 18th December 2020 last Friday. This agreement marks the end of our two year dispute with Royal Mail Group and brings closure to one of the most adversarial periods of our history. It builds upon and does not replace our previous agreements including the spirit and intent of the 2018 Four Pillars Agreement. It reflects and re-positions a joint philosophical approach to the future based on growth and not decline, opportunity and optimism, and a re-designed Royal Mail Group, importantly including Parcelforce, thriving in the modern day.


Scheduled Attendance ( SA ) Holiday Pay

The Agenda for Growth, Stability and Long Term Success Agreement provides for improved levels of holiday pay in respect of Scheduled Attendance in the Core Business.  Currently the first four…

Final – Operational Guidelines -Interim Changes to Delivery and Saturday Parcels Services

Delivery Temporary Changes Manager Guide

When moving to a Saturday parcel only and Monday to Friday all products operation in deliveries, some adjustments may need to be considered when reviewing the duty structure and days…

Managers’ guidance – Temporary changes to Saturday deliveries


Branches and representatives will recall that in October 2015 the department issued LTB 641/15 in relation to the Professionalising Area Distribution (PAD) issue. At that time issues had been identified in relation to un-agreed PAD revision activity. Representation was made to the business by the department and the revision activity was suspended until an agreed Terms of Reference could be concluded. Discussions have been taking place with the business since that time to fulfill that commitment.

Annual Leave and Weekly Resourcing

Unifor Agreement Uniform Dress Standards Appendix 2