Virtual Classroom Course Programme (April – July 2021)

Please see below a further programme of online (virtual classroom) courses.  Courses identified as “in-house” are being delivered informally via zoom and therefore will not result in accreditation.

The remainder will be run through our Further Education partners in the devolved nations.

The Neurodiversity, Women’s and BAME Leadership courses will be delivered in-house and applicants from all of the UK devolved nations will attend together.

We will be reviewing this programme whilst it is being delivered to consider further provision in this way during the period of the pandemic.

Courses in England



Cut-off date

April 5th

Bank Holiday


April 6th

Mandatory Fair & Equal (1 Day)

26th February

April 12th – 16th

Intermediate Health & Safety Part 1

26th February

April 19th – 23rd

Postal Agreements & Procedures

5th March

April 26th – 30th

Introduction to Health & Safety Part 1

12th  March




May 3rd

Bank Holiday


May 10th -14th

Advanced Skills 1

26th  March

May 17th – 21st

Equal Rights Part 1

2nd April

May 24th – 28th

Essential Skills Part 1

9th  April

May 31st

Bank Holiday





June 7th – 11th

Postal Agreements & Procedures

23rd  April

June 7th – 11th

Union Learning Reps 1

23rd  April

June 16th – 18th

Mental Health Awareness

30th  April

June 28th – 29th

BAME Leadership Part 1 (in-house, 2 days)

14th  May

June 29th – 30th

Neurodiversity (in-house, 2 days)

14th  May

June 30th – July 1st

Women’s Leadership (in-house, 2 days)

14th  May




July 5th – 9th

Essential Skills Part 2

21st May

July 12th – 16th

Intermediate H&S Part 2

28th May

July 13th

Mandatory Fair & Equal (1 Day)

28th May

July 19th – 23rd

Introduction to Health & Safety Part 2

4th June

July 26th – 30th

Advanced Skills 2

11th June