National Agreed Terms of Reference for the Trial of Parking Platforms

Dear Colleagues,

Some time ago Royal Mail Nationally approached the Union with a view to trialling a new initiative that would potentially alleviate some of the problems being experienced on delivery sites with regard to the parking of Official OMV’s, as well as cramped yards that create health & safety problems as a result.

In line with joint commitments in BT2010 and Agenda for Growth and Stability and the guiding principles national agreements, we have been exploring this initiative with the company, including on site demonstrations at external companies.

Key components of the joint approach and agenda going forward include reducing the cost of off-site vehicle parking – both in terms of the ongoing hire costs and the operational costs of operating with off-site parking. Providing on-site parking will support improving local employee relations as the aim of the parking platforms is to provide access to vehicles and loading facilities in a way that supports leaving the office without delay and waiting for these to be available. The platforms could also support relieving health and safety issues in cramped yards, where double-stacked parking could improve access, egress, parking and loading conditions.

With this objective in mind, Royal Mail Property and Facility Solutions have obtained funding to introduce parking platforms at three sites; North London (N18), (subject to planning permission), Southwark and Canterbury Delivery Offices. The platforms allow vehicles to be parked one above the other using a hydraulic platform to raise/lower one vehicle.

We have therefore agreed a terms of reference for the trial of parking platforms which has been endorsed by the Postal Executive. This document outlines the key areas of activity which will be jointly undertaken in order to evaluate if further roll out of this concept will be of benefit to Royal Mail delivery operations.

Prior to concluding the terms of reference regarding this initiative, this has been subject to confirmation and full involvement from the Health, Safety and Environment department along with Dave Joyce. The H, S&E department has also carried out joint visits and assessments at each of the three trial site locations and have confirmed that they are satisfied all of the concerns in regards to the issues which are pertinent to their department have been addressed, and more importantly that the commitment of further and full involvement during the course of the trial is in place.

The trial is for a period of 12 weeks and along with full CWU involvement, the introduction of the parking platforms will be subject to a P.I.R. at each of the sites involved. This will involve the project manager from Property & Facilities management, the project manager from operations, local management team from the sites involved and local/national CWU I.R. and H&S representatives as designated by the CWU.

It is not anticipated that there will be any changes necessary to the current agreed and existing duties within the sites and these effects will be minimal. Any issues that are raised during the trial and the P.I.R. will be addressed locally by the appropriate manager and CWU IR Representatives and will be subject to the use of the IR Framework.

All learning and good practice established as part of the initial deployment process will be captured and shared, so it can be used in any subsequent deployment. Any future expansion of this trial or roll out beyond the offices stated will be subject to further discussion and National agreement.

Any queries to the content of the above, please contact the Outdoor Department, reference: 300.02, email address:

Yours sincerely,


Mark Baulch

Assistant Secretary


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