Following a meeting earlier this week with the Postal Executive and conversations with the company, CWU and Royal Mail have agreed to meet on Monday 10th October to establish exactly where we are and to try and find a way forward in our national disputes.

Although we welcome this development, given how bitter these disputes have become, it is important that we do not raise any expectations that this meeting will be fruitful. 

The reality is there remains huge differences over the company’s unilateral change programme and Royal Mail’s unacceptable actions and behaviours have led to unprecedented levels of mistrust. 

The union’s position going into these talks is set out in the attached letter to the CEO.  You will see from this that as well as offering a constructive approach, we are also asking fundamental questions about Royal Mail’s future plans.

The National Briefing will take place next week on Tuesday 11th October, where Branches will be updated on the meeting with Royal Mail and receive reports from the National Officers on all aspects of our current disputes.

The industrial action programme notified last week will be continuing, with the next strike scheduled for Thursday the 13th October.  It is essential that all Branches and representatives focus all their efforts on ensuring legal pickets are in place and that we deliver the same fantastic levels of support from our members, as in the previous strikes.  There will be further communications to our members and a live Facebook session next week.

You can read the letter HERE