We are updating Branches, Reps and members on our meeting today with the Chief Executive and his senior team.

Health and Safety Issues

 We relayed the very serious concerns our member have forwarded in the last few days over their health and safety at work during the Coronavirus crisis.

As a result the company committed to send out a fresh communication today, which will confirm they will follow UK Public Health Authority Guidance and Government advice to the letter. 

We have been told that the statement will also set out a very clear position on the use of gloves and hand sanitisers and the supply of these.  Similarly the company has committed to providing clearer guidance on what is needed to be safe at work on the issues of social distancing and self-isolation. 

Health and safety must be our first concern and we are asking all our health and safety reps and our workplace reps to work with Royal Mail managers to ensure that the company has done everything possible to strictly adhere to Government and Public Health Authorities advice.

We understand that for every CWU member and their families these are extremely worrying and unprecedented times and that a lack of basic equipment is only adding to the legitimate concerns of the workforce.  We await the statement from the company and we will continue to press them on this issue.

The CWU Proposal set out in LTB 134 /20

 Progress has been made on the proposal we put to Royal Mail earlier in the week and this includes how we sustain the business during the Coronavirus crisis, a pause in Royal Mail executive action and a process for talks to resolve all the issues involved in our dispute. 

A further meeting will take place on Monday with the Chief Executive and his senior team on and further information on all the above mentioned will follow in due course.