Industrial Action Called Off

We have received and welcome the notification from CWU that they will be calling off planned strike action tomorrow, Friday 9 September following the sad passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

In light of this, tomorrow will be a normal working day at Royal Mail, and so staff should return to work as usual. Any strike-related pay deductions already made will be rectified. We understand that some people may be unable to attend work tomorrow at short notice so we would like to clarify that no disciplinary action will be taken, but it will be treated as unpaid leave.

We recognise that this is an emotional time, and we ask that managers and colleagues are mindful of this and support one another.

This is a momentous occasion in UK history, and over the coming days and weeks Royal Mail will be relied upon to deliver important messages of condolence from all around the world to the Royal family.

Ahead of this, we need to focus on recovering services tomorrow and over the coming days. We would therefore very much welcome it if non-operational managers who were due to support the operation tomorrow can continue to as planned.