Dispute Update

2019 Dispute Relating to Honouring & Deploying the Four Pillars of Security & Pay/Guiding Principles National Agreement between the CWU & RMG – Unagreed Recruitment of Additional Temporary, Agency and Casual Workers

The DGS(P) Department has been made aware of adverts that have been circulated throughout large parts of the country by a number of employment agencies. These relate to the recruitment of casual, agency and in some cases temporary workers on varying rates of pay and during the hours of around 11:00 – 19:00. The Union believes these actions are a clear breach of a number of our National Agreements and are currently seeking legal advice.

In addition a Sub Group has been established to monitor the situation and devise ways that these unilateral actions can be challenged using our agreed industrial processes.

I have also taken the step of writing to the Head Office of each of the Employment Agencies that are recruiting for these posts to remind them of their legal obligations during an official dispute and strike action. It is also important that Branches contact all employment agencies in the areas where such unagreed recruitment is taking place to remind them of the legalities around this matter.

Please see attached for the information of Branches a letter which I would encourage you to use as a template to approach local employment agencies.