2021 PAD Revision Activity and the 2nd Hour Reduction

Discussions have therefore been taking place with the business in regard to concluding a Joint Statement to enable the PAD activity to commence. Attached for the information of Branches and Representatives is a copy of the Joint Statement which has been endorsed by the Postal Executive.
The document recognises that the Professional Driver MGV Grade commence the flightpath from 39 rather than 38 hours and as such it is agreed the 2nd hour reduction in working time will be delivered through a reduction in core duty time from 39 to 38 hours per week.

The PAD Revisions will include the following changes:
i) Review of service numbers and capacity based on utilisation data.
ii) The reduction in core duty time from 39 to 38 hours per week. The manner in which the SWW is deployed will be a matter for local discussions and agreement as part of the PAD revision.

In line with the commitment in the Pathway to Change agreement both parties are committed to fast track discussions on the terms of a Driver Recruitment and development program to reduce reliance on external resource and restore agreed resourcing arrangements.

Due to the complexity of deploying a revision in all Area Distribution units at the same time it has been agreed the revisions programme will follow a Four Stage process, designed to offer support and guidance to local units to achieve a targeted deployment by 7th June 2021, although earlier deployment can take place where agreement is reached.

The PAD Revision at each site will include the 1 hour reduction in core working time from 39 to 38 hours within duties which will be enacted on deployment.

The process will be overseen by the National Area Distribution Working Group (NADWG), who will monitor activity and provide advice and support where required.

Joint commitments to job security, maximising internal resourcing options and reducing the reliance on agency or external resource are also reaffirmed within the Joint Statement.

All proposals relating to the PAD activity will be progressed in line with existing agreements and the IR Framework where necessary.
The Stage 1 Data Gathering will commence on 1st March 2021. Representatives are therefore requested to engage with management accordingly in relation to the activity and release arrangements.