1hr Redcution in Area Distribution


Dear Colleagues

Branches and representatives will be aware that Paragraphs 16.3.5 & 13.5.6 of the Guiding Principles agreement confirmed that the enabler for the 1st Hour Reduction or Equivalent Benefit for Area Distribution MGV Professional Drivers is the deployment of a PAD Revision at each site from October 2018.

In addition to the SWW the revision activity should enable the introduction of the new LAT Product and deliver the Distribution changes outlined in Paragraph 15.2.

The department’s policy with regard to the SWW in relation to the Guiding Principles Agreement for MGV Drivers was to deploy the time reduction, rather than a cash alternative as was previously achieved at the time of the Business Transformation 2010 agreement.

Discussions have therefore taken place with the business in relation to phased working time reductions for the MGV Grade in line with the National agreement, although for absolute clarity the start point is 40 rather than 39 hours.

These discussions have now culminated in the attached Joint Statement being concluded and endorsed by the Postal Executive, which details the element of change that should be included in the PAD revisions and ensures that the reduction in working time will be delivered.

In summary the PAD revisions will include the following changes as contained within the National Agreement:

i) Wave 2 Despatches may be retimed to accommodate new LAT traffic to maximise the number of LA products connecting with core.

ii) The deployment of required Wave 3 services to service the new LAT product.

iii) The deployment of new Network services (7.5t/3.5t) to accelerate the new LAT product to core delivery from NWDC, YDC and NDC where required.

iv) Review of service numbers and capacity based on utilisation data.

v) The reduction in core duty time from 40 to 39 hours per week. The manner in which the SWW is deployed will be a matter for local discussions and agreement as part of the PAD revision.

The department’s view was that it was essential to establish the scope of the activity as the Guiding Principles reaffirmed the concept of a single annual PAD Revision incorporating all the scheduled change for that year.

Given the complexity in landing numerous PAD revisions on or around the same date, the department has been in discussions with the business on establishing a detailed, step by step revision process, mirroring the tried and tested process we have used in the Network Reviews.

This process sets a target date of the 1st October 2018 for deployment of the revisions and progress towards that at each site will be monitored with any necessary assistance provided by the Joint Area Distribution Working Group.

In addition the Joint Statement also addresses the 2nd Hour reduction in 2019 and that the enabler for the 2nd Hour Benefit, in line with paragraph 19.2 of the Guiding Principles will be a review of variable non driving time.

The review will take place without any predetermined outcomes and any agreed changes will be factored into the 2019 PAD Revisions which will then trigger the 2nd Hour reduction from 39 to 38 Hours.

Any enquiries in relation to this LTB should be addressed to: Davie Robertson, Assistant Secretary, email: dwyatt@cwu.org or shayman@cwu.org quoting reference 502.04.

Yours sincerely


Davie Robertson

Assistant Secretary


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